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Friday, October 24, 2008

what were we eating in the 50's

What were Americans cooking in the 1950s?


Fruit cup
Broiled grapefruit
Melon ball cocktail
Sea food cocktail
Pastry snails
Dried beef rolls
Silver dollar hambugers
Bacon wrap-arounds
Dips & chips/crackers: Lobster Newburg spread, Guacamole, Deviled Ham-Cheese Dip, Hollywood dunk
Canapes: Deviled ham, savory mushroom, hot cheese puffs, minature pizzas, hot clam
Cheerios cocktail snacks (something like Chex Mix)
Decorate your appetizer tray with celery trunks, stuffed cucumbers, grape clusters & fruit kabobs.
---Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book, revised and enlarged, 2nd edition [McGraw-Hill:New York] 1956 (p. 57-66)
[NOTE: This 1950's classic cookbook was reprinted in facsimile edition in 1998 by the same publisher and is easy to obtain. Ask your librarian for help.]
Stuffed pecans or walnuts
Salted almonds
Filled Celery (with Roquefort and cream cheese)
Tidbits in blankets (surround cooked shrimp, oysters, stuffed olives, pickled onions, watermelon pickle, sauteed chicken livers, skinned grapefruit sections, dates stuffed with pineapple with thin strips of bacon, secure them with toothpicks. Broil them under moderate heat until the bacon is crisp.)
Glazed shrimp
Garlic olives
Sardine and bacon rolls
Marinated mushrooms
Cheese balls
Sausage and potato rolls
Ham and egg balls
Pineapple fingers and bacon
Broiled stuffed mushrooms (stuff with bread crumbs, shad roe, shrimp)
Shrimp puffs
Deviled eggs
Cheese for dipping potato chips
---The Joy of Cooking, Irma S. Rombauer [Bobbs-Merrill:Indianapolis] 1953 (p. 28-39)
[NOTE: there is a separate section devoted to canapes and sandwiches]

Barbecued short ribs
Toasted Tuna
Cocktail kabobs (button mushrooms and cocktail franks cut in half marinated in French dressing)
Broiled shrimp
Mix Trix (like Chex Mix)
Pumpernickel squares (crab meat, chili sauce, curry powder, mustard on pump)
Deviled almond rolls
Party pinwheels (dough, leftover meat, moistened with chili sauce, baked)
Cocktail knishes
Filled cream puffs (store-bought puffs filled with hot chicken salad, creamed shrimp, creamed turkey, served in a chafing dish)
Broiled mushroom caps
Baby pizzas (use English muffins!)
Sea-food celery (stuff flaked crab & mayo into cut celery. Garnish with paprika.)
Stuffed eggs (deviled eggs)
Sardine surprise (sardines mashed with hard cooked egg yolks, anchovy paste, dry mustard, butter, & spices. Served on squares on pumpernickel)
Ham rolls (boiled ham & liverwurst)
Dunks (aka dips): sour cream, shrimp, chive, horseradish, guacamole, pimiento, tuna
---Martha Deane's Cooking for Compliments, Martha Young Taylor [M. Barrows:New York] 1954 (p. 13-35)


Split pea soup
Easy chicken gumbo
Oxtail soup
Spicy tomato soup, Cream of tomato soup
Chicken and corn chowder
Pineapple fruit plate
Tomato stuffed with perfection salad
Bean (three-bean) salad
Orange-and-Bermuda onion salad
Melon boat salad
---Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book, revised and enlarged, 2nd edition [McGraw-Hill:New York] 1956 (p. 377)
Mushroom or clam broth
Onion soup
Chicken (or beef, shrimp, crab) gumbo
Cream of celery soup
Cheese soup
Cole slaw
Chilled canned tomatoes
Lettuce or mixed salad with sour cream
Salad Caesar
Cucumber salad with French dressing
---The Joy of Cooking, Irma S. Rombauer [Bobbs-Merrill:Indianapolis] 1953

Clam chowder
Cream of chicken
Asparagus soup
Cream of mushroom soup
Mixed green salad (French dressing or mayonnaise)
Stuffed tomatoes ravigote
Vegetables in sour cream
Potato salad (both hot and cold)
Gelatin & fruit salad molds (raspberry ring, grapefruit intrigue, sea siren salad)
---Martha Deane's Cooking for Compliments, Martha Young Taylor [M. Barrows:New York] 1954


Grilled kabobs
Scalloped chicken supreme
Beef and corn casserole
American lasagne
Tuna-potato chip casserole
Savory meat pie
Welsh rarebit with tomato slices and little sausages
Swedish meat balls
Fluffy meat loaf
Baked ham with glaze
---Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book, revised and enlarged, 2nd edition [McGraw-Hill:New York] 1956
Chicken a la king
Oysters baked in the half shell
Spaghetti with meat sauce
Turkey or chicken casserole with vegetables
Chicken pot pie
Hamburger-olive loaf
Chicken or veal croquettes
Baked fish
---The Joy of Cooking, Irma S. Rombauer [Bobbs-Merrill:Indianapolis] 1953

Ham and vegetable casserole
Salmon steak
Orange sole
Corn-crust chicken
Sweet ham patties
Curried veal chops
Eggs foo young
Fricasseed trukey with wild rice
Lobster in patty shells
Salmon casserole
---Martha Deane's Cooking for Compliments, Martha Young Taylor [M. Barrows:New York] 1954

often served with butter, cream sauce, sour cream sauce, canned soup; topped with bread crumbs, dried onion flakes

Buttered vegetables (canned or frozen)
Creamed asparagus
Lima beans in sour cream
Broccoli-mushroom casserole
Mexican corn saute
---Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book, revised and enlarged, 2nd edition [McGraw-Hill:New York] 1956
Mushrooms au gratin
Creamed onions (mushrooms, peas)
Baked zucchini
Potato volcano with cheese (mashed potato volcano!)
Baked beans
---The Joy of Cooking, Irma S. Rombauer [Bobbs-Merrill:Indianapolis] 1953

Green peas with sour cream
Baked acorn squash
Baked stuffed onions
Wax beans oriental (sweet and sour sauce)
Ginger-honey carrots
---Martha Deane's Cooking for Compliments, Martha Young Taylor [M. Barrows:New York] 1954


Chiffon pie (lime, orange, pineapple, strawberry, chocolate)
Little pies (tart-sized portions of standard pies)
Coconut cake
Peppermint candy cake
Maraschino cherry cake
Chocolate cherry cake
Angel food
Banana chiffon cake
Easy caramel corn (made with General Mills cereals)
Marshmallow bars (made with General Mills cereals)
---Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book, revised and enlarged, 2nd edition [McGraw-Hill:New York] 1956
Chocolate cake with white icing
Velvet spice cake
Ice cream with cherries
Apricot souffle
Baked apples
Gold layer cake with caramel icing
Banana chocolate cake
Butterscotch brownies
German cherry cake
Peppermint ice cream with chocolate sauce
---The Joy of Cooking, Irma S. Rombauer [Bobbs-Merrill:Indianapolis] 1953

Angel food custard
Quick butterscotch-chocolate pie
Maraschino cherry pudding
Broiled or baked grapefruit
Cherries jubilee
Peppermint pie
Devil's cream cake
Baked Alaska
Melon balls and sherbert
Orange snow balls (hollowed orange halves packed with lemon sherbert)
---Martha Deane's Cooking for Compliments, Martha Young Taylor [M. Barrows:New York] 1954

Soda pop [in bottles if you can get it], Tang [this space drink is VERY 50s], fruit punch, fruit smoothies, milk shakes, hot cocoa, iced tea, coffee.
SIMPLE HOME MENUS: 1952 (all include "a beverage.")

1. Orange juice, sauteed eggs and bacon, cinnamon toast
2. Apple jucie, sausage-meat cakes, popovers, jelly.
3. Chilled grapefruit, waffles, hone cream
4. Sliced peaches, omelet or scrambled eggs, drop biscuits, marmelade
5. Tomato juice, French toast with applesauce

1. Broiled hamburger sandwiches, wilted lettuce, sanned or stewed fruit
2. Cold sliced ham, hot potato salad, toast, applesauce
3. Pan-fried fish, broiled potates, tossed green salad with French dressing, muffins, grapefruit jelly
4. Chili con carne, creamed spinach, sweet muffins with nuts 5. French ham toast, avocado on lettuce with French dressing, gingersnaps

1. Meat balls with spaghetti, green peas, sliced oranges, peanut-butter cookies
2. Pigs in blankets, baked tomatoes with cheese, banana sherbet, butterscotch brownies
3. Salmon in casserole, potato chips, green salad with French dressing, lemon milk sherbet, chocolate-chip drop cookies
4. Eggplant filled with leftover foods, boiled carrots, hot rolls, preserves, quick method white cake with lemon icing
5. Pork chops with scalloped potatoes, French bread, Harvard beets, apple crunch"
---A Cookbook for Girls and Boys, Irma S. Rombauer [Bobbs-Merrill:Indianapolis] 1952 (p. 223-228)


Chilled Melon, Lobster Newberg in Croustades, Crown Roast of Lamb, Potatoes with Parsley Butter, Peas with Mint Cream, Chestnut Cream, Coffee
Hors d'oeuvres Tray, Relishes, Roast Turkey, Cranberry Jelly, Potato Puff, Spinach Ring with Baby Lima Beans, Grapefruit and Endive Salad, Vanilla Ice Cream with Tutti Fruitti, Small Cakes, Coffee

Consomme Bellevue, Relishes, Filet Migning, Bordelaise Sauce, Chestnut Puree, String Beans with Celery, Mixed Green Salad, Chocolate Souffle, Coffee

Littleneck Clams, Relishes, Roast Duck, Orange Sauce, Wild Rice with Mushrooms, Buttered Asparagus, Bombe of raspberry Ice and Vanilla Ice Cream, Small Cakes, Coffee

Oysters in the Half Shell, Roast Chicken, Whole Hominy with Sherry, Broccoli with Brown Crumbs, Macaroon Cream with Sliced Peaches, Coffee

Fish Fillets with Normandie Sauce, Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, Braised Celery, Mixed Vegetable Salad, Mincemeat Turnovers, Coffee

Consomme Madrilene, Relishes, Baked Virginia Ham, Grilled Sweet Potatoes, Cauliflour with Lemon Butter, Romaine with Roquefort Dressing, Wine Jelly with Whipped Cream, Coffee"
---Silver Jubilee Super Market Cook Book, Edith Barber [Super Market Publishing:New York] 1955 (p. 37-8)


"Hawaiian buffet luncheon or supper
For table decorations, use lemon leaves, ferns, pineapple, bananas. Flowers (including lei for each guest) would be everywhere. Soft strains of Hawaiian music lend atmosphere: Tropical fruit salad, (avocado sections, orange slices, whole ripe olives...on bed of shredded lettuce) with lime or lemon dressing

dinners of the past

I found this and was fasinated. I am always trying to cook traditional old time meals but its hard to fine recepies and such about vintage retro foods.

The 1920’s

Brand name products (such as Maxwell House Coffee) became popular among Americans. Chiffon pies were quite the rage also. In fact they were very popular among Americans for several decades. Several new vitamins were discovered during this century such as Vitamin C (identified in 1921), Vitamin E (discovered in 1922) and Vitamin D (identified and named in 1922).

MENU- 1920’s

Main Course-

Chicken Pie

Salad- Golden Glow Salad

Dessert- Jelly Roll

The 1930’s

The 1930’s were the years of the Depression. During these Depression years, many people were unemployed and poor. Kitchen appliances were few. Families harvested, preserved, and pickled their own foods due to their lack of money. Store bought bread was popular, especially Wonder Bread. However, Pepperidge Farm bread was better, but cost almost three times more.

Menu- 1940's

Main Course-

choice of: macaroni & cheese, meatloaf, spaghetti & meatballs or casserole

Side dishes- Choice of hotdogs, canned pork and beans

Dessert- choice of: Rice Pudding baked custard or Chiffon cake

The 1940’s

These were the years of World War II. Food rationing had a big influence until 1946. Families were given a limited amount of sugar, meat, coffee, and fats.

MENU- 1940’s

Main Course-

Tuna Noodle Casserole

Side Dish- Green Beans

Salad- Ginger Ale Salad (made with unflavored gelatin, fruit juice, ginger ale, and either canned or fresh fruit)

Dessert- Chocolate cake (made from a mix)

The 1950’s.

The 1950’s were a decade full of rock ‘n’ roll music and jukeboxes. This decade was known as the "Casserole decade". Americans became quite interested in foreign foods such as Italian lasagna and pizza and German sauerbraten. Other interesting events in the history of food include the creation of the TV dinner (1951) and the first sushi bar in America (opened in NYC in 1957).

MENU- 1950’s

Main course- Either Lasagna or Pizza

Side dish- Garlic bread

Salad- Tossed Green Salad

Dessert- Chiffon Cake


Food writers were quite popular ever since Julia Child went on public television with her food program (The French Chef). Popular foods included granola and tofu.

MENU – 1960’s

Main Course- Beef Burgundy

Side Dishes- Rice, Buttered Broccoli

Salad- Raw Spinach Salad

Dessert- Mile High Pie (strawberries, sugar, egg whites, and whipped cream in a cookie crust)

The 1970’s

The 1970's weren’t just about disco music and funny hairstyles, it was also about cuisine cooking. It was during this decade that chefs started to cook in the cuisine style. This style was very fancy. There were several types of cuisine cooking including Californian cuisine and Nouvelle Cuisine. Cuisine cooking was so popular that French chefs started to abandon their traditional ways of cooking for the Nouvelle cooking style.

Interesting facts about food during this decade are- the opening of the first "salad bar" and the first Starbucks coffeehouse.

MENU- 1970’s

Main course- Crock Pot Stew

Side dishes- Brown Serve Rolls and Margarine

Salad- Three Bean Salad

Dessert- Mud Pie

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wondering about the day of a retro houswife

What does the Retro housewife day look like? Well, we get up, get our kids off to school, pack our hubbies a sandwich and wish them a safe drive. Then our day is OPEN? Some of us watch Oprah or the Soaps, some have a regular routine, for housewives with children our lives revolve around them and their activities, some paint do charity work...or maybe we run a home based business.
Some Retros have money, and for them running the house is comparable to running a small company, managing the staff, scheduling the projects, projecting an image of perfection to the outside world.
The best Retros understand that their purpose is to make life worth living for themselves and their families. That, no matter their income level or social status, they are the center of their families universe and the one who has the difficult task of making the most out of whatever resources are available to them.
In keeping a house, the job is to make it a home. In raising children, it is to turn out well balanced emotionally stable human beings that have the confidence and personal convictions they will need to make their way productively and happily in life. In being a wife, our job is one of support, confidante, companion, lover and best friend.
No small order, but in the end, we are the ones that make the difference in the lives of the other members of our families. Whoever coined the term "little woman" had not the slightest idea of what he spoke, for it is truly "the hand that rocks the cradle" that is an accurate depiction of our role.

how to be a good housewife

How to Be a Good Housewife
A housewife is a woman who enters into a mutual agreement with her husband that outlines their division of labor. Most often, the husband works during the day and earns income to financially support the family, while the wife takes on most of the non-financial responsibilities, such as maintaining the home and, if applicable, caring for the kids. It is up to the couple whether this arrangement works for them. Sometimes it's a temporary situation, such as if children are too young to go to school and the cost of daycare is greater than the woman's salary. For other couples, it may represent a commitment to traditional values. Whatever the reason, if you have chosen to be a housewife, here are some suggestions to help you flourish in this role.

Outline the expectations with your husband. The only way to be a good housewife is for you and your husband to discuss standards and expectations, and meet those expectations (provided they're realistic) as best as you can. In other words, the definition of a good housewife depends on which house you're in! Don't assume that you have the same expectations because you may find out the hard way (through arguments) that you don't. Sit down and talk it over. Ask your husband, "What are your expectations of me as a housewife?" While you're at it, discuss your expectations of him as a working husband. Does he have any responsibilities other than bringing home a paycheck? If so, what are they? For example, you may be primarily responsible for keeping the house clean, but he may be responsible for cleaning up after himself - putting his dirty laundry in the hamper, placing things where they belong after he's finished using them, emptying the trash near his desk, etc.
Take a break. A common stereotype that deters many women from the concept of being a housewife is the idea that she will have to look after the home and children twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, always cooking and cleaning. However, this doesn't have to be the case. If he gets time off from his job (evenings, weekends) so can you. Maybe he can do laundry or entertain the kids on one of his days off while you take a break to recharge your batteries, such as volunteering for a local organization, visiting a spa, or spending time with your friends. Not only will it allow you to foster your sense of individuality, but it will also allow him to see what housework or childcare is like, and he may respect you more for taking on these responsibilities through the week. If he works around the clock, or is otherwise unable to spend some time in your shoes, consider hiring a babysitter or housekeeper to take care of things while you take time off.
Be aware of what your man needs when he comes home. Some men need space when they come home from a hard day at work, so if this is how your partner is, he may want to chill out in front of the TV or to read the newspaper before talking about his day or eating dinner. Other men, however, wish to speak of their day before they relax. If this is the case, listen to what he has to say and take turns talking about how your day went. Finally, some men like to spend time with his friends for some male bonding after work. Step back and let this happen as needed. If he comes home at unpredictable times, however, this may need to be discussed so that you can make sure you have dinner together or that he doesn't wake up the children accidentally.
Have meals on the table at a regular time. One of the luxuries of being at home is that you can prepare delicious, healthy meals for yourself and your spouse. You don't have to rely on fast food and microwaved dishes. Making meals at a regular time every day gives him something to look forward to when he comes home, especially if you learn how to cook his favorite dishes. Think about it: If your roles were reversed, wouldn't the prospect of coming home to a lovingly prepared meal make your day a little easier to get through?
Take care of yourself. Maintaining your appearance, while not essential in being a housewife, does certainly help remind your husband (and yourself) that you are still a woman and not simply a housekeeper. Wear makeup, if that's your style, and clothes that can be both pretty and practical. Long, full skirts and well fitting jeans can do double duty as you go around the house doing the necessary chores while keeping you looking sharp for when your special someone comes home. Keeping your hair tucked up under a bandanna during the day and giving it a brush through with a spritz of water or hairspray can help you look nice in just minutes.

If you're experimenting with a new recipe have another dinner option just in case is always a good idea.
Keep the house tidy and pleasant. There is no excuse for your man to come home to a mess, so make friends with your vacuum and feather duster.
Always remember to get out of the house, whether it's for a visit with a friend, a nail appointment, a trip to the gym or even a trip to the supermarket.
If you have children at home, remember to relax. Although your home may not look perfect, you are doing the hardest job there is. Give yourself a break and enjoy your children, your spouse and your home.

Do not become overly obsessed with keeping things his way. If you do this, you will risk losing your own happiness. Try to keep the two equal. Balance his happiness with your happiness.
Remember, you're his partner, not his slave. Your own happiness is just as important as his. Make sure he's pulling his weight in the relationship and taking care of you and your needs as well.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Holly's tips Oct.20th

In these hard times we happy housewife's must learn to make the most of what we have. Learn to make every penny count and stretch a dollar as far as we can. So I have a few things I do myself that could help all you happy housewives who are finding it harder to stick to the budget.
1. - you can use Powder laundry detergent. I buy Classic Purex from walmart. Its very cost effective. Its cheap and it works. You cant get more cost effective than that . But to stretch that dollar even more you can put a whole box of baking soda in the detergent. mix it well. By doing this you can use half the recommended amount. Your detergent will last twice as long and your clothes wont suffer. And we all know as a happy housewife we must always look our best and we must have the best dressed husbands and kids on the block.
2.- Every household has a bottle of soap next to the sink in the bathroom and in the kitchen. No matter what brand it is you can make it last longer with out compromising that clean factor. Instead of using the bottle in comes in get a separate dispenser. Empty only half the soap into the dispenser and then fill it the rest of the way with water. It will last twice as long. And will clean and suds just as well. And that a good thing because we don't want dirty little hands at the dinner table You can further your money by buying in bulk also.You can also use this tip on bath soaps and shampoo and conditioner.
3.- Instead of buying those expensive room and fabric fresheners make your own. Its super simple. In a spay bottle add equal parts of water and your favorite fabric softener. Give it a good shake and spray on your curtains , furniture and carpets. Anywhere you would use those expensive sprays you can use this and you know its safe for all fabrics. Its an easy ways to spruce up before guest come or grab the bottle when you have unexpected guest. Here that knock at the door spray away and your guest will walk in to a fresh home and feel at ease and that one of you jobs as a happy homemaker . to make others feel at ease.
4.- To save on family entertainment in the hard times to come. Get back to basics. Slow down and enjoy the simpler things in life. Instead of going out to eat during the week or on weekends have theme food night's at home. Dont just fix a themes meal add a little extra. For Mexican night do tacos and have everyone make there own taco and have make your own guacamole. Have everyone dress in Mexican colors and you can do your research on the computer and get translations for the foods and common words such as than you and please and teach them to everyone as you fix and eat your meals. You can also tell of some customs and history of whatever theme you choose. Instead of going to the movies or renting movies or other expensive entertainment. Have a family game night . Bring out all those new and old games and pop some popcorn and play games. Include your extended family and friends to join the fun. Add a pot luck on the weekends to save money for you.You dont ave to spend a lot of money to have a good time with your family in these tight times. And remember as a happy homemaker its your duty to make sure that your family is happy and healthy by utilizing what you have. Make due.Use what you have.

Holly product pushing Oct. 14th

This will be my place to give reviews and recommendations on anything from clean products to restaurants and things to do. Only things I have tried and know about will be written about here.
First on the Holly product list
The Libman wonder mop. - Wow I was so excited to go buy a new mop. Nothing makes me happier than scrubbing my floors so my family could eat of them if they had to. I chose this mop because it was washable. You just pop off the end and throw it in the washing machine. How cleanly ! It also has a wringer on it so you don't have to do it with your hands. It was also the cheapest of the mops that had replaceable washable mop heads. So I tyred it last night on a very nasty mess. I wont tell you what it was because as a traditional 50's house wife its my job to not speak of any unpleasantness in the world =) Anyways 2 swipes and it was gone. I used it today to mop my whole floor and It impressed me. It didn't take much to get the hard spots and didn't leave a nasty dirty steak of dirt water to be popped up again. I only had to rinse it 2 times to do the whole floor. It held the dirt until rinsed and rung. I say try libman to make your house sparkle for you family and your friends your trying to impress
Well I have a bad review on makeup. Its so important for us house wives to look beautiful, fresh and presentable at all time for our husbands and anyone else that may see us even for a second . No reason to make other uncomfortable with our flaws. So I got some new powder foundation that was to last 16 hours. I had never bought this kind nor this brand before and had never spent 12.00 for any kind of makeup before. It was Revlon Colorstay Mineral Foundation. Well dont wast your money . I expected since it was a foundation it would some how be different than just a powder on the skin. well thats all it is is a powder on the skin. It provides no coverage and no evening of the skin tone. As for the 16 hours of wear well I could apply it 10 times a day and it still wouldn't be enough. I have to say my introduction to the mineral makeup movement was not an encouraging or promising one. I now just use it over my liquid foundation. Still dont like it like that either but I refuse to let my money go in the trash . Bottom line wives dont wast you money on this products.

Holly's day Oct 13

Today on my agenda well so far I have made Cheeseburger soup, sloppy Joe, and am currently making another soup. And I made everything from scratch . No pre peeled carrot and pre cut celery here. On top of preparing meals for the week I also have laundry and a sink full of dishes to do. And then I need to clean the my bedroom.Interchanging the summer clothes with the fall and winter wardrobe. Cleaning sock drawer and sweeping and dusting. All before 4. I must also get a bath and be nice and fresh when hubby comes through the door. Hair must be done and makeup just so !Then dinner and soccer practice. I will also be making to do lists for the week including out camping trip list. Lots of planning to do.

Holly Happy Homemaker daily schedule

Holly Happy Home Maker Daily schedule
My daily schedule :
Sunday - Sundays are routine laundry days. Any thing that we need for the week is washed today. Calenders are checked. And preparations are made for the week. Sundays also include a homemade breakfast together at the table. Lunch together at the table and a home cooked meal together at the table. So dishes are done 2 times on Sundays.
Monday- Mondays are also routine laundry day. Anything that didn't get done the day before gets done today. Vacuuming of the whole house and dusting. Lunch and preparing for dinner.
Tuesday- Tuesdays same school routine. Clean bath room and organize house. Spot vac prep for dinner.
Wednesday- Wednesdays are for a little more relaxing. Odds and ends.
Thursday- Thursdays are for cleaning the kitchen. Making the shopping list. Making sure we have clean clothes for the weekend. Organizing the weekends activities. Vacuum whole house. and spot dust.Preparing and organizing bills
Fridays- Fridays I make sure everything is in place for the weekend. Spot clean and do last mint odds and ends.
Saturdays - Saturdays Are for Shopping and scheduled events.
Dailies also include:
2 loads of dishes at least
take out trash
wiping tables and counters
picking up
breakfast every morning
dinner at table every night
feeding and caring for animals
Bath Time

In the begining. The start of it all

Yes thats me. Over the years I have referred to myself usually to Greg in fight as Holly Homemaker. Usually we are in a fight because I feel bogged down . Like I have to do it all. I never feel like I am being a good enough house wife. So I always say I am sorry I just cant be Holly Happy Homemaker. Well most of the time I am her and I embrace her. She is like my other personality. I have Holly the one who can do it all. I cook home cooked meals, I bake,make candy and cookies, do the laundry and I dont just use a dryer I hang all of our clothes, I clean the house take care of the animals, and I am happy to do it all and more. To spread myself so thin and feel like I will collapse at the end of the day . The their is Tiff the crazy bitch lol. You can get it yourself cant you ? Are your legs broke? I dont care if the carpet is dirty I am not cleaning it because all your going to do is drag dirt in all over it so it you want it spotless do it yourself. No I am not cooking just so you can dirty dishes for me to clean.. ok you get the pic. Well I have decided maybe if I explore Holly more and refine her to fit my life I can be Holly all the time. Holly is who I want to be all the time and my little white pill help with being her all the time I just have to remember to take it. So you may see blogs and post about or kinda writen as if I were holly . Its all just for fun just silliness and hopefully I can other homemakers with the tips and stuff.
First of all Holly is a 1950'S housewife. That exsplans alot . She does all the cooking much of it from scratch, great meals and always at the dinner table as a family. She does all the cleaning. Cleans up after everyone. The house must e cleaned everyday. To apear spotless. She takes care of all her daughters needs. Does the home work the disiplin. She makes sure when her husband comes home she looks beautiful for him. Has a smile on her face and a hg and kiss. Gives hubby down time and then has dinner on the table by 5. And she always makes sure all her hubbys others needs are met in every way. She makes sure everyone has what they nee when they need it. Never complains about anything.
Now that you have gotten to know Holly I will be investigating and writting and posting info retaining to her. The things I exspect of Holly.