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Monday, October 20, 2008

Holly Happy Homemaker daily schedule

Holly Happy Home Maker Daily schedule
My daily schedule :
Sunday - Sundays are routine laundry days. Any thing that we need for the week is washed today. Calenders are checked. And preparations are made for the week. Sundays also include a homemade breakfast together at the table. Lunch together at the table and a home cooked meal together at the table. So dishes are done 2 times on Sundays.
Monday- Mondays are also routine laundry day. Anything that didn't get done the day before gets done today. Vacuuming of the whole house and dusting. Lunch and preparing for dinner.
Tuesday- Tuesdays same school routine. Clean bath room and organize house. Spot vac prep for dinner.
Wednesday- Wednesdays are for a little more relaxing. Odds and ends.
Thursday- Thursdays are for cleaning the kitchen. Making the shopping list. Making sure we have clean clothes for the weekend. Organizing the weekends activities. Vacuum whole house. and spot dust.Preparing and organizing bills
Fridays- Fridays I make sure everything is in place for the weekend. Spot clean and do last mint odds and ends.
Saturdays - Saturdays Are for Shopping and scheduled events.
Dailies also include:
2 loads of dishes at least
take out trash
wiping tables and counters
picking up
breakfast every morning
dinner at table every night
feeding and caring for animals
Bath Time


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