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Monday, October 20, 2008

Holly product pushing Oct. 14th

This will be my place to give reviews and recommendations on anything from clean products to restaurants and things to do. Only things I have tried and know about will be written about here.
First on the Holly product list
The Libman wonder mop. - Wow I was so excited to go buy a new mop. Nothing makes me happier than scrubbing my floors so my family could eat of them if they had to. I chose this mop because it was washable. You just pop off the end and throw it in the washing machine. How cleanly ! It also has a wringer on it so you don't have to do it with your hands. It was also the cheapest of the mops that had replaceable washable mop heads. So I tyred it last night on a very nasty mess. I wont tell you what it was because as a traditional 50's house wife its my job to not speak of any unpleasantness in the world =) Anyways 2 swipes and it was gone. I used it today to mop my whole floor and It impressed me. It didn't take much to get the hard spots and didn't leave a nasty dirty steak of dirt water to be popped up again. I only had to rinse it 2 times to do the whole floor. It held the dirt until rinsed and rung. I say try libman to make your house sparkle for you family and your friends your trying to impress
Well I have a bad review on makeup. Its so important for us house wives to look beautiful, fresh and presentable at all time for our husbands and anyone else that may see us even for a second . No reason to make other uncomfortable with our flaws. So I got some new powder foundation that was to last 16 hours. I had never bought this kind nor this brand before and had never spent 12.00 for any kind of makeup before. It was Revlon Colorstay Mineral Foundation. Well dont wast your money . I expected since it was a foundation it would some how be different than just a powder on the skin. well thats all it is is a powder on the skin. It provides no coverage and no evening of the skin tone. As for the 16 hours of wear well I could apply it 10 times a day and it still wouldn't be enough. I have to say my introduction to the mineral makeup movement was not an encouraging or promising one. I now just use it over my liquid foundation. Still dont like it like that either but I refuse to let my money go in the trash . Bottom line wives dont wast you money on this products.


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