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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wondering about the day of a retro houswife

What does the Retro housewife day look like? Well, we get up, get our kids off to school, pack our hubbies a sandwich and wish them a safe drive. Then our day is OPEN? Some of us watch Oprah or the Soaps, some have a regular routine, for housewives with children our lives revolve around them and their activities, some paint do charity work...or maybe we run a home based business.
Some Retros have money, and for them running the house is comparable to running a small company, managing the staff, scheduling the projects, projecting an image of perfection to the outside world.
The best Retros understand that their purpose is to make life worth living for themselves and their families. That, no matter their income level or social status, they are the center of their families universe and the one who has the difficult task of making the most out of whatever resources are available to them.
In keeping a house, the job is to make it a home. In raising children, it is to turn out well balanced emotionally stable human beings that have the confidence and personal convictions they will need to make their way productively and happily in life. In being a wife, our job is one of support, confidante, companion, lover and best friend.
No small order, but in the end, we are the ones that make the difference in the lives of the other members of our families. Whoever coined the term "little woman" had not the slightest idea of what he spoke, for it is truly "the hand that rocks the cradle" that is an accurate depiction of our role.


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