Holly Happy Homemaker

Friday, April 24, 2009

well its been so busy around here



Yes very busy with an 8 year old who has school activities, softball,4-h,girl scouts and so on. On top of that I am planning 2 bithdays and a baby shower. Well as I am sure you mommas know it can get stressful keeping home and family running but I have a secret wepon for the stress. Might not sound like much to you all but for me hanging cloths on the line is the most theraputic thing ever. I just love waking up and seeing the sun shinning and thinking oh yes I can get up and do laundry today. I just love standing out in the sun listening to the birds and the bee's . Watching my cats chase a bug or play with a flower that is blowing in the brezz. Unfortonitly I also have to listen to the highway sounds but that ok I am just so luky to even have a yard to be in. I love haveing that fresh line dryed scent on my clothes and the stifness in the towels. I dont know any one else but me who likes stiff towels lol. I have only been able to hang cothes a few times so far this spring because its not realy been spring wheather but today starts a strech of 80 degree days and I am so thrilled . I will be out every morning hanging my clothes. Second to hanging clothes I love to iron. I know I am an odd duck. At least everyone around here thinks so.
I have been makeing my own laundry detergent and softner now for about 2 months. I realy love it . I have such a feeling of pride knowing I am helping my family save money and useing a natrual product. And whats more is I get my daughter in on it. We do double batches so it takes about an hour to get it all done. I take this time to talk about how impotant this job is. Exsplaining why mommas are so impotant to the family. Why mommas should do this kind of stuff for there families. I dont know how much she listens but I feel better doing it. We also get to talk about school and her social life. Its real bonding and a lesson in math and science with all that mesuring and natrurl product use such as vinigar and backing soda.
So mommas I hope you all try my stress buster. I am headinf out now to hang some cloths.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

been busy grooming a little house wife

**** So I started making my own laundry detergent and fabrice softner to save money and get to a more basic approch of life. We trying to make as much of home cleaner and cooking stuff ourselves. Its been fun and it feels good. I take one day a month to make my cleaners and I get my daughter in on it to. I want to teach her to make for herself. I want her to understand the basics of things and that you dont have to buy everything commercial. I want her to learn to be a good little wife and mother. Not like some of these other kids these days who dont have or will ever have a clue as to makeing due with what they have and probley wont learn how to clean up after themselves till after collage if even they are out on there after collage. So we make it fun . She makes the softner all on her own. She measures everything out and watches the bubbly combanation or the baking soda and vinigar as it rises to the top almost over flowing. She grates the for the detegent for me and measures out the dry stuff and the water and I handle the hot pans. We also make hand soap for the pumps out of bar soap. We liquify it to make it last for a month or more in the pumps. I have to say suprisingly the soaps and stuff we make are great. they work great. And It dosnt take much time to do with a lil help from a lil one. I would say an hour oce a month and thats it. I also mix up my all purpose cleaner that day and that just viniger and water. It feels so good to be saveing money and doing good for my family . Every house wife should try this out. Now I have busy cooking homecooked meals also. And getting my daughter in on most of it if she has time. She spends more time on the Easy bake than helping me but I try to get her in on as much as I can. Cooking is defnitly something I want her to grow up takeing pride in for her family and herself. I have had her helping me sice she could stand on a chair at the counter. And she was watching way before that . i always had her on my hip at the stove. Its more of a gft to pass on to you kids especialy your daughters . So I have been posting and keeping up with some blogs for a while now and I cant seem to get any followers. Dont know if maybe I have nothing good to say or what . I was hoping to do some contest and giveaways by now but I have only 2 followers. I would like to at least get 50 before I do anything. I am going going to be posting alot more. I hope to have a few tutorials on things. If anyone has any advice please let me know.