Holly Happy Homemaker

Monday, October 20, 2008

In the begining. The start of it all

Yes thats me. Over the years I have referred to myself usually to Greg in fight as Holly Homemaker. Usually we are in a fight because I feel bogged down . Like I have to do it all. I never feel like I am being a good enough house wife. So I always say I am sorry I just cant be Holly Happy Homemaker. Well most of the time I am her and I embrace her. She is like my other personality. I have Holly the one who can do it all. I cook home cooked meals, I bake,make candy and cookies, do the laundry and I dont just use a dryer I hang all of our clothes, I clean the house take care of the animals, and I am happy to do it all and more. To spread myself so thin and feel like I will collapse at the end of the day . The their is Tiff the crazy bitch lol. You can get it yourself cant you ? Are your legs broke? I dont care if the carpet is dirty I am not cleaning it because all your going to do is drag dirt in all over it so it you want it spotless do it yourself. No I am not cooking just so you can dirty dishes for me to clean.. ok you get the pic. Well I have decided maybe if I explore Holly more and refine her to fit my life I can be Holly all the time. Holly is who I want to be all the time and my little white pill help with being her all the time I just have to remember to take it. So you may see blogs and post about or kinda writen as if I were holly . Its all just for fun just silliness and hopefully I can other homemakers with the tips and stuff.
First of all Holly is a 1950'S housewife. That exsplans alot . She does all the cooking much of it from scratch, great meals and always at the dinner table as a family. She does all the cleaning. Cleans up after everyone. The house must e cleaned everyday. To apear spotless. She takes care of all her daughters needs. Does the home work the disiplin. She makes sure when her husband comes home she looks beautiful for him. Has a smile on her face and a hg and kiss. Gives hubby down time and then has dinner on the table by 5. And she always makes sure all her hubbys others needs are met in every way. She makes sure everyone has what they nee when they need it. Never complains about anything.
Now that you have gotten to know Holly I will be investigating and writting and posting info retaining to her. The things I exspect of Holly.


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