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Monday, October 20, 2008

Holly's tips Oct.20th

In these hard times we happy housewife's must learn to make the most of what we have. Learn to make every penny count and stretch a dollar as far as we can. So I have a few things I do myself that could help all you happy housewives who are finding it harder to stick to the budget.
1. - you can use Powder laundry detergent. I buy Classic Purex from walmart. Its very cost effective. Its cheap and it works. You cant get more cost effective than that . But to stretch that dollar even more you can put a whole box of baking soda in the detergent. mix it well. By doing this you can use half the recommended amount. Your detergent will last twice as long and your clothes wont suffer. And we all know as a happy housewife we must always look our best and we must have the best dressed husbands and kids on the block.
2.- Every household has a bottle of soap next to the sink in the bathroom and in the kitchen. No matter what brand it is you can make it last longer with out compromising that clean factor. Instead of using the bottle in comes in get a separate dispenser. Empty only half the soap into the dispenser and then fill it the rest of the way with water. It will last twice as long. And will clean and suds just as well. And that a good thing because we don't want dirty little hands at the dinner table You can further your money by buying in bulk also.You can also use this tip on bath soaps and shampoo and conditioner.
3.- Instead of buying those expensive room and fabric fresheners make your own. Its super simple. In a spay bottle add equal parts of water and your favorite fabric softener. Give it a good shake and spray on your curtains , furniture and carpets. Anywhere you would use those expensive sprays you can use this and you know its safe for all fabrics. Its an easy ways to spruce up before guest come or grab the bottle when you have unexpected guest. Here that knock at the door spray away and your guest will walk in to a fresh home and feel at ease and that one of you jobs as a happy homemaker . to make others feel at ease.
4.- To save on family entertainment in the hard times to come. Get back to basics. Slow down and enjoy the simpler things in life. Instead of going out to eat during the week or on weekends have theme food night's at home. Dont just fix a themes meal add a little extra. For Mexican night do tacos and have everyone make there own taco and have make your own guacamole. Have everyone dress in Mexican colors and you can do your research on the computer and get translations for the foods and common words such as than you and please and teach them to everyone as you fix and eat your meals. You can also tell of some customs and history of whatever theme you choose. Instead of going to the movies or renting movies or other expensive entertainment. Have a family game night . Bring out all those new and old games and pop some popcorn and play games. Include your extended family and friends to join the fun. Add a pot luck on the weekends to save money for you.You dont ave to spend a lot of money to have a good time with your family in these tight times. And remember as a happy homemaker its your duty to make sure that your family is happy and healthy by utilizing what you have. Make due.Use what you have.


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