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Monday, February 9, 2009

This house wife

Well the snow here has finally melted away with the exception of a few spots I try no to see out of the corner of my eye. Christmas and new years have past and left a trail of great happiness in my home. Spring is trying every so lightly to creep in. So whats this happy housewife been up to . Well not much. I have had a few lax weeks in the housekeeping department due to a recurring depressing I am sure. I still get things done but not like I was. I tend to search the Internet for some inspiration every few weeks and it keeps me going. One thing I need to do is get my permanent but flexible schedule in order. I get in a groove of doing things and then switch it up the next week . For some this might work but not me. If I don't keep doing things one way I get scatter brained. I did start my household binder. It has been helping a lot with bills and the running of our lives. I spend a lil time everyday working on it. Organizing and reading through things. I think I am the only one who appreciates it. But I guess that really all that matters.
One thing that happened her in the past month that I am sure would scare the pant off most housewives is my stove stopped working. I was kinda lost for a week. The cord on the back had not been properly tightened by my father in law and it created a heating problem that burnt up the wires. Well lucky we caught it or we have burnt the house down. In that time I had to make due like any good house wife. I used hot plates. It did the job. But my wonderful husband came through this weekend and fixed right up for me so I am back on track.Photobucket
My daughters 4h season has also started as well as girl scouts. This means at least 3 weekend out of the month are taken up. This is her first 4h year she get to do a project. She chose archery since she got a nice shiny new pink bow for Christmas. And Girl Scouts of course have the annual cookie sale .Photobucket
That's kept us busy. She also will be entering project in the fair for Girl scouts this year. Also a first for her. She has chosen to do a horse history book and pressed flower book. Speaking of all this fair activity we are also planning our fair entries. Every year we make a list of all the canning we want to do to enter it in the fair. That keeps us busy all summer. All this on top trying to perfect my perfect housewife skills. Oh I shall not forget I am planning a baby shower for my new nephew who will be here sometime in June . Ethan should arrive around June 13 and we are having the shower in April. So my plate is full of baby activities and I have my daughters Birthday in may . Unicorns are the theme dancing through my head at any given moment. So as you can see I am one busy homemaker and I have lots to do and I need to head to the kitchen to start prepping for dinner tonight and get some laundry done before moving onto dusting and vacuuming .Photobucket


At February 9, 2009 at 8:22 PM , Blogger ohiofarmgirl said...

Sorry to hear about your depression. My mother suffered for many years but once she found the right medication she has been awesome.....we ordered our cookies so we are set to go. Dianntha


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